8x8 boards:

Orthodox Chess (shortcut: orthodox)
960 (Fischer Random) Chess (shortcut: 960)
Racing Kings (shortcut: racing)
Dunsany's Chess (shortcut: dunsany)
Horde Chess (shortcut: horde)
Peasants' Revolt (shortcut: peasants)

small boards:

Microchess (shortcut: micro)
Silverman 4x4 (shortcut: silverman44)
Silverman 4x5 (shortcut: silverman45)
Speed Chess (shortcut: speed)
Simpler Chess (sans bishops) (Los Alamos) (shortcut: simpler-bishop)
Simpler Chess (sans rooks) (shortcut: simpler-rook)
Simpler Chess (sans knights) (shortcut: simpler-knight)
Mallett 5x5 (shortcut: mallett55)
Mallett 6x6 (shortcut: mallett66)

large boards:

Grand Chess (shortcut: grand)
Embassy Chess (shortcut: embassy)
Gothic Chess (shortcut: gothic)
Capablanca Chess (shortcut: capablanca)


Alice Chess (shortcut: alice)
Alice — Half Board (shortcut: alice-half)
Alice — Opposite Boards (shortcut: alice-opp)
Alice — 960 (shortcut: alice-960)
Cheshire Cat Chess (shortcut: cheshire)
Cheshire — 8x8 (shortcut: cheshire88)
x (shortcut: blank8x8, blank10x8, &c.)

Tip: any of the above shortcuts can be entered as the FEN value to quickly call up the necessary variant